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Strategy & Research Center is committed to legal issues on cross-border finance and investment arising in Greater China, Asia and other regions of the world and keeps paying attention on their latest trends and developments.

Dr. Frances Fang

  • General Consultant of Fidelity Law Group
  • Chairman of Strategy and Research Center of Fidelity Law Group
  • Chairman of Boyi Culture Association

During Fang’s two-decade practice, Dr. Fang has been involved with all kinds of complex cross-border commercial cases covering a wide range of sectors including financial services, investments, capital markets, financing and so on. She has studied in the United States and later received her Ph.D in Beijing. Drawing on her extensive overseas practice and study experience, she is able to construct, develop a strategy in complex multi-jurisdictional cases from an international angle. To follow the international economic trends, she has set up offices in Beijing, Shanghai, Taipei and Kaohsiung and integrated other resources into Fidelity. Besides providing professional services, Fidelity has established a strategy research platform for inter-disciplinary elites to research and discuss laws and regulations on financial and investment sectors by hosting seminars and other academic events in the forward-looking point of view. In doing so, continuous innovative researches and convergence with the latest international trends will be achieved by incorporating many professionals' extensive experiences.


Dr. Fang’s professional practice mainly includes:

1. Financial derivatives transactions. She has been invited by many major banks in Taiwan  to lecture on
    derivatives transactions business between Taiwan and foreign banks. In the meantime, she has also
    provided related legal consulting services and assisted them in negotiating contracts with foreign financial
    organizations. Up to now, she has handled over a hundred international financial derivatives product

2. Dr. Fang also took part in many significant investment and M&A cases covering sectors including banking
    industry, electronic manufacturing industry, telecommunication industry, food industry, chemical industry,
    paper manufacturing, entertainment and cultural and creative industries, and the internet industry. She also
    handled many Sina-Mode (VIE Structure) financing cases and some of which has successfully gone IPO.
    Such cases require professional knowledge of multi-jurisdictions and familiarity of the operation and laws
    and regulations of off-shore corporations. Dr. Fang is excelled at Sina-Mode (VIE Structure) because of her
    extensive experience in cross-border investments; and

3. In terms of capital markets, Dr. Fang participated in many cases which corporations, based in Taiwan or
    abroad, sought to get enlisted in Taiwan. In addition, she also handled  overseas convertible bonds issuing.
    Combining her expertise in financing, capital markets and investments, Dr. Fang is able to provide
    one-stop-shop professional services.



Dr. Louis C.J. Lee


Dr. Lee, the Consultant of Fidelity Law Group, as well as an important advisory consultant belong to many politic committees. Dr. Lee is well-known as an expert of finance and law. Based on Lee’s working experiences, which include industry, government, academia, research, and other units, the opinions he provides are always practical. In addition, Dr. Lee teaches at many universities of Taiwan and Mainland China.